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Backyard Cabanas

Backyard Outfitters is proud to announce the newest item in our product line…the outdoor cabana. Outdoor cabanas have become one of the most popular outdoor structures to be able to sit and enjoy the weather. We offer outdoor cabanas in sizes ranging from 10′ x 12′ all the way up to 14′ x 20′. All of our cabanas come with 8′ side walls for plenty of clearance and headroom. Our outdoor cabanas are made with high quality pressure treated lumber that hold up well to the elements. We roof our cabanas with metal roofing and they are stained using Olympic Honey Gold stain.

Cabanas come from the Spanish term “cabaña”, which is literally translated as “cabin.” Outdoor cabanas were originally built with thatched roofs and were used in more tropical climates and near natural bodies of waters. They were built most often with little or no walls to allow their inhabitants  to enjoy the coastal breezes. These structures are now used all around the world as a free standing shade structure. These outdoor cabanas can be found everywhere between California and Florida and are often found at beach clubs, near swimming pools, lakes, ponds and in private gardens.

We have seen our outdoor cabana customers really make theirs a nice enjoyment space. Many customers have run power to their structures. This makes the possibilities endless including adding lighting, ceiling fans, outdoor space heaters, and other appliances. Many customers also outfit their cabanas with televisions and WiFi™ internet connections.

Some of our customers install roll up curtains and even add partitions to make dressing rooms near their outdoor pools. There are tons of different uses for an outdoor cabana. Whatever your outdoor needs are, we can help!!