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Do you ever get tired of having to drive across town to be able to access your stuff? Maybe you've been paying monthly fees for multiple storage units for years. Over the long-term, you've spent thousands of dollars on storage fees and fuel, but you can't afford to make a large upfront payment for a storage shed.

Enter Rent-to-Own (RTO). This is a convenient option that solves all the problems of traditional mini storage. RTO provides a convenient path to ownership - one month at a time! It is a simple monthly rental payment that allows you to have a shed within a budget. The rental contract is simple, and there is no credit hassle involved.


Renting a storage shed is a cost-effective and flexible solution. Instead of making a significant upfront investment to purchase a shed, you can pay a monthly rental fee. This is particularly useful if you only need long-term storage. At the end of the contract, the shed is yours!

No Credit Needed

Individuals with poor or limited credit history may find it challenging to qualify for traditional financing options. Rent-to-own allows them to acquire a shed without the need for immediate full payment or a stringent credit check.


Having a shed in your backyard provides convenience, as you have immediate access to your stored items. Additionally, you can customize the shed to suit your specific storage needs, incorporating shelves, racks, or other organizational features.


36, 48, 60 month rental options. 90 Day Same as Cash. Early Payoff Discount. No long-term commitments. Return if necessary with no penalty.


A shed can provide protection for your valuable outdoor equipment and furniture. This includes protecting them from the elements, such as rain and snow, as well as from theft or damage. Having a shed in your backyard may give you greater peace of mind since you are able to monitor and control access to your belongings more closely as opposed to public mini storage.

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Storage Sheds & Playsets for Rent To Own

Carriage House

  • 8' Sidewall
  • 5.6/12 Roof pitch
  • Doors & windows anywhere
  • 6" End Overhangs
  • 30 yr. Architectural Shingles or
  • #1 40yr. Roofing Metal
  • Painted Exterior

Lofted Barn

  • 7' Sidewall
  • Doors & windows anywhere
  • Painted exterior
  • Lofts in either or both ends
  • 6" End Overhangs
  • 30 year Architectural Shingles w/ tarpaper or
  • #1 40 yr. Roofing Metal

Country Playsets

  • Pressure Treated Wood
  • 3 Position Attachment
  • Free delivery & setup within 30 miles
  • Many other options available!